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Susan Bowen

August 31, 2018


Hello and welcome to the first of a series of updates I’ll be sharing in my new role as President of Cogeco Peer 1.  Since the announcement was made regarding my appointment, I’ve been grateful for the messages of congratulations I have received. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to welcome me into this role. It’s been heartwarming to have so much support. Thank you!

I’ve been reflecting on my time with the company and revisiting what makes Cogeco Peer 1 unique as a business. Is it our unrivalled IT Infrastructure, our strong customer and partner relationships, our tried and tested processes?  Undoubtedly all of these play a part.  But what really sets us apart is our people. The diverse and innovative approach of our employees and our customer centric culture form the life-blood running through the business.

This culture of customer-first innovation is why I’m confident that we will continue to be at the forefront of new developments in the industry. Our ambitious Network Transformation Initiative will enhance confidence in our Connectivity portfolio. In other regions, let’s consider the trend towards hybrid IT for example. This is exactly the sort of opportunity Cogeco Peer 1 is perfectly placed to tap in to.  Our approach has long been based on a hybrid approach, and we are at our best when we are making advanced, complex technologies relevant and accessible for our clients. Cogeco Peer 1 has the agility and innovation of a start-up coupled with the IT Infrastructure, global reach and stability of a blue-chip multinational. This is a formidable combination that is particularly relevant in the world of Hybrid IT.

Hybrid solutions should simply mean that workloads automatically move to the most optimized and cost-effective environment, based on performance needs, security and other factors such as data residency, end-user demand and traffic.  This approach, based on the requirements of the customer, not the structure of our business, has been the Cogeco Peer 1 way from day one.

My intention is to lead a global business with an international perspective while nurturing that personal and local touch that continues to delight customers around the world.  Let’s be clear, with renewed confidence and investment in our core assets including our connectivity and data center portfolio which are the heartbeat of our global business we will enable this global reach that attracts International businesses to growth with us. With all your support I’m certain we have a strong future ahead of us and will be checking in regularly to keep you updated on our progress.

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