Business continuity in Montreal is put to the test

Cristina Pizzagalli

February 04, 2016


Business continuity in Montreal is put to the test

For IT professionals in Montreal, this is a vital time of the year. Gone are the chaotic schedules and unpredictable spikes in traffic caused by the holiday sales. Also, with luck, hurricane season is now behind us. This is usually the first time IT decision makers get a chance to stop and take stock of their objectives, strategies and plans for the year ahead.

It is likely that most plans will be shaped by budget pressures, business changes, and anticipated risks. The Canadian economy is also likely to be affected by the currency exchange for the short, and possibly medium, term. This will affect procurement but may also lead to a surge in demand for companies that export.

Equally, the current market conditions have attracted a great deal of interest from global businesses looking at investing in new facilities.

Kirkland, Montreal, is a perfect example; a quick scan of the latest news on business in Kirkland shows that the lion’s share of editorial is devoted to debates regarding proposed developments. Every new development or business expanding into Kirkland, Montreal, or even Canada as a whole, will require technology. Hosting services, security, connectivity, back up, and disaster recovery, are just some of the elements that IT decision makers need to consider.

So in addition to all of the inward investment, expansion, and adaptation, that IT decision makers in Canada need to anticipate, disaster recovery plans also deserve attention. Not only can reviewing data back up and recovery policies lead to cost savings, but updated processes and technology can save man hours as well.

Business Continuity Awareness Week runs from 16th-20th May 2016. Last year the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE), Business Continuity Institute Canada (BCI), Disaster Recovery Institute Canada (DRIC), World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM), Canadian Risk and Hazards Network (CRHNet), and York University all teamed up to promote Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW).

BCAW’s have been organised internationally since 2005 to raise awareness and enhance the ability of all types of organisations to practice Business Continuity Management (BCM). Last year’s theme was “Putting your Plans to the Test“.

In the lead up to BCAW the new theme will be explored and expanded, with contributions from all partner organisations and their respective members. We encourage active participation in all BCAW activities, including the discussion forums and webinar sessions, which will be promoted on this site.

So for IT decision makers and business leaders in Montreal, we suggest marking this date and committing to putting your plans to the test. From an IT services perspective, we know that our clients who do this regularly are able to find more effective and efficient ways to ensure that their business is ready for whatever the world throws at it.

Not sure whether your business continuity plans are up to the test? We can help – find out more.

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