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June 06, 2017


For technology professionals, there’s no shortage of content online, but let’s be honest: much of it is of questionable value. The reason? It’s easy – too easy – to push content out there. The critical question is, what’s the optimal amount of content an organization needs to produce for its audience to get the desired effect?

If the content is worth producing at all, it should answer a very loud “Yes!” to these four essential questions:

  1. Is it relevant?
    This is the most important question to ask of all. It’s absolutely critical to look at the information being sent from the perspective of the intended audience. Is it meaningful to them? For example, does it address a prevailing technology trend? Is it a new perspective on a current issue? A unique perspective on a recent event? Some piece of truly breaking news – for example, a new product release, technique, discovery or innovation?
  2. Is the timing right?
    It’s important for the content producer to think about the best time of the day to post the content. Overnight so that people see it first thing in the morning? Later in the day to create more dramatic impact? On Monday to launch a new product? Or Friday afternoon to end the work week on a high note? Consideration needs to be given to the cadence of the audience’s daily routine. When will they most appreciate seeing the content?
  3. Is it well crafted?
    Good writing for digital media is taut, clever, and compelling. Good design is clean, simple, and enhances the message you want to deliver. Good video contains the best elements of both writing and design, with the addition of well-considered sound, motion and color. It all takes time, which may result in producing less content – but the more thought and effort that’s given to the production, the better it be received.
  4. Is the medium being used the best choice?
    Twitter. YouTube. Facebook. LinkedIn. Email. The content provider’s website. The medium that’s chosen matters. Is the content meant to be informative? Thought-provoking? Entertaining? The context within which the content is delivered is paramount.

What’s the answer?
If each one of these with four questions can’t be answered with confidence and certainty, the content is probably ineffective. A message that delivers real news, information or entertainment is always welcome.

Technology professionals are hit with an estimated 14,000 messages a day from all kinds of media. They can always detect content for content’s sake. A slow drip of relevant, well-crafted, timely and well deployed content is the better choice. But when it’s a flood or, worse, a hurricane, and the content producer runs the risk of losing the impact they’re looking for.

Great content. Always.
Our goal is to ensure that your time reading our content is time well spent. Stay tuned over the coming weeks, and see if you agree!

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