Celebrating young British talent during National Apprenticeship Week…

Cristina Pizzagalli

March 06, 2017


By 2030, millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce, so offering new relevant subjects at school, as well as alternative routes into industry is crucial to the success of the UK’s digital (and wider) economy.

This week marks the 2017 running of ‘National Apprenticeship Week’. In celebration of this, we look at some of the young talent currently working at our Southampton office.

Tony Dhillon is studying Business Management at the University of Kent and currently taking a ‘year in industry’ as part of his undergraduate studies. We take some time to talk to him and find out a bit about his experiences and what it’s like to be a millennial working at Cogeco Peer 1 (CP1).

Q. Tony, tell us something interesting about yourself

Tony: I’m originally from Coventry so it’s no surprise that the first business plan I wrote was for a car dealership! I discovered my interest in the business world way back at school during my GCSEs, where I had a brilliant business studies teacher who really ignited my interest. From there, it was a natural progression to study a business-centric course at university.

Q. Why did you decide to go down this route & how did you hear about CP1?

Tony: Luckily, as part of my undergraduate course, I had the option to take a ‘sandwich year’ and work in industry. During my second year at university, I studied a module which looked at Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things. Neither were areas I was aware of, but I found them genuinely interesting, so decided to pursue a placement year in the tech sector.

Q. What did the interview process look like & what attracted you to CP1?

Tony: I applied through LinkedIn; took an initial phone interview; and then finally had a face-to-face interview down in Southampton at HQ. I liked the fact that I was moving to a completely different part of the country and that the opportunity would allow me to discover more about the technology space.

Q. What’s the culture like at CP1?

Tony: From the outset, I liked the company culture. My phone interview actually turned out to be with the person who would become my manager and there was immediate chemistry there. I’d describe the culture as professional, yet relaxed. For me personally, honesty, openness and feedback are really important, and these are all strong themes that run through the culture at CP1.

Q. What’s next for Tony Dhillon?

Tony: I’m learning so much and the culture and opportunities for progression at CP1 are both great. The tech space, in general, is so exciting and fast-paced that I certainly wouldn’t discount a long-term future in the UK’s tech scene in some capacity – we’ll just have to see!

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