Partnering with the Right Web Hosting Provider: 5 Factors to Consider

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August 09, 2017


How should a company decide on which web hosting provider to use? Many businesses only look at the price when partnering with a website host provider, but there are other considerations that can better guide companies seeking the best provider match for their business. It is definitely not all about the price. CNET offers a few tips for picking the right one:

  1. Know your hosting needs. For example, text-only sites have different needs than video-heavy sites do. Picture what you want to do with your website now—and then form an educated conclusion on what you plan to do with it for following 12 months. Do you expect it to grow significantly?
  2. If you do expect your site to grow, find out if the web host provider can work with you to take your site to the next level. Does the provider offer options for more processing power, memory capacity, disk storage, better security features and even additional domains?
  3. Investigate host reliability and uptime guarantees. Ensure you have a 24×7 operating web host provider that is operating on a powerful server with stable network connections. Nothing is more inconvenient for a website owner (and user!) than frequent down times.
  4. Look through the hosting features. As important as it is to see if the web hosting provider can meet your specific needs, also keep an eye out for the basics. Features such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service and secure servers may not seem immediately necessary, but it is almost a guarantee that you will use these features at some point.
  5. Likewise, check the hosting control panel to make sure it is user-friendly, so you are less dependent on tech support should any minor issue pop up.

Do not just look for a provider that offers the bare minimum; collaborate with a provider that doubles as a resourceful partner for your site.

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