Cogeco Peer 1 Chosen as Infrastructure Services Partner for TechMarketView’s Great British Scaleup Programme


Great British Scaleup Programme partners with Cogeco Peer 1 for infrastructure support

Susan Bowen

July 20, 2017


From digital acorns do big tech companies grow. This is one great reason why it’s an honour to be chosen as the infrastructure services partner for TechMarketView’s Great British Scaleup Programme.

The programme is aimed at supporting privately held, UK tech SMEs to accelerate their growth further with the help of external investment.

Cogeco Peer 1 is the first tech partner to be chosen for the programme, and we’re going to be providing insight and support around cloud, hosting, colocation, security and network and connectivity solutions.

In practice, this means an initial free infrastructure assessment provided by our solution engineers and network architects. Also, advice on technology mixes that are not only the best for current operations, but also provide a platform for rapid scale up in the future.

Tech start-ups are faced with many challenges ranging from finding a suitable flexible contract and office accommodation to finance and transport infrastructure. These are important issues and tech infrastructure is right up there with them.

Within this context, many start-ups see connectivity speed and generous broadband as their main concerns. And, of course, this makes sense. But successfully scaling a start-up is a challenge and tech infrastructure requires enormous flexibility.

For instance, if a company scales beyond its capabilities, it can commit too much too soon and over reach. But scaling too slowly, means losing out on momentum and important business-driving opportunities that can propel a start-up forward.

The opportunity to scale a company should be driven by the success of the business but this can be a hard thing to predict, especially in technology. Depending on the nature of the business, some companies need to scale well ahead of anticipated growth due to necessity, for example, a logistics-based business, while others need to scale to spur growth.

That said, we’ve seen some great tech success stories and we have extensive experience in supporting start-ups. This is where we can bring our expertise to the Great British Scaleup Programme.

We can provide advice on the best fit platforms and the importance of on-demand scalability so there is no limit to growth, ensuring the business is always on top of demand. And, of course, we’ll be providing insight into the importance of back up and disaster recovery services as well as having defences against distributed denial of service attacks.

Partnering with TechMarketView on the Great British Scaleup Programme is a great opportunity to help SME tech start-ups take a bigger step and we’re looking forward to help them grow and thrive.

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