Colocation Providers Support Services: What to Expect

Cristina Pizzagalli

January 25, 2017


One of the most attractive aspects of utilizing a professional colocation facility is the fact that colocation providers you partner with will boast many highly skilled support personnel. And, depending on the agreements you’ve got in place, these teams and individuals will be on hand to help your organization with any infrastructure issues that may arise.

However, while most colocation facilities will have on-site engineers, their expertise, responsibilities and versatility will be very different.

More than just technical support

Some colocation companies will provide access to a wide-range of professionals and teams whose focus is to help colocation customers get the most out of the relationship they have with their provider.

A few of the teams that you may encounter when you partner with a professional colocation provider include:

• Account Managers – A dedicated individual assigned to your organization who understands where your business is today and where you want it to be tomorrow.
• Channel Executives – On-hand to help your organization with sales and marketing initiatives that will help grow your customer base.
• Solution Engineers – Got a requirement, but not sure of the best way to approach it? Solution engineers are there to bounce ideas off and help develop world-class solutions.
• Technical Account Managers – Systems administrators turned customer champions. Technical account managers are your go-to individuals for technical solution reviews and support escalations.
• Customer Experience Managers – For everything non-technical, customer experience managers are the people you should contact.

But the support doesn’t end there…

Smart Hands & Eyes Services

The data center engineers, network engineers and Network Operations Centre (NOC) support teams found in colocation facilities are an enormous asset to any organization. Not only do they provide peace of mind with their proactive monitoring of the colocation facility’s critical infrastructure, but they can also be called upon in a remote support capacity.

Colocation providers that offer Smart Hands and Eyes services take technical support to the next level.

With access to a team of skilled technical professionals, who are available during or after business hours, your organization can carry out maintenance work without even sending one of your own support personnel to the colocation facility.

The Smart Hands and Eyes technicians act like an extension to your organization’s own IT department, and help you realize a number of benefits:

• Reduced costs – First and foremost, your own IT personnel do not need to travel to the colocation facility every time a maintenance task needs to be completed. This results in less travel and overtime costs.
• Fast response times – Because the Smart Hands & Eyes teams are already on-site, they can react immediately to any service-impacting incidents, which will nearly always mean reduced resolution times.
• Wide range of services – Maybe you’re not sure who to dispatch to the colocation facility when a piece of work needs carrying out. Smart Hands and Eyes technicians boast a broad-range of skills and can perform many different procedures.
• Peace of mind – Knowing that help is just a phone call away will undoubtedly afford peace of mind for your business, allowing you to concentrate on the activities that drive real value, and not worrying about day-to-day maintenance tasks.

So whether it’s simply checking if a cable is firmly connected to a server, rotating a backup tape, or performing more in-depth diagnostic tests, Smart Hands and Eyes services are designed to ensure your organization benefits from the ultimate remote technical support.

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