Creating a cyber safety path for employees


February 09, 2018


Cyberattacks have increased in complexity and sophistication; today, hackers will invest many resources to find different ways of entry into your system. In fact, studies show it takes, on average, 146 days to detect and neutralize an attack in a business environment. This long recover process is bound to place a financial toll on your company. In 2016, the average cost of data breaches increased by $4 million USD.

Data protection for the customer and business is absolutely essential! Although the risks of cyberattacks are (and may) always out there, you can start minimizing their impact by instilling good habits internally… specifically, in your employees.



Why? Because there are several ways in which a hacker can attack your company through an employee: identity fraud, use of unapproved equipment or insecure websites and applications. Lack of knowledge, the absence of protocols and even unhappy employees are some of the risks that leave companies exposed if left ignored.


As such, employees are an essential part of every cyber safety strategy. Although human error is impossible to eradicate, you can limit it. Here are six simple things that you can do to help your employees be safer online:

  1. Speaking with your employees about the importance of cybersecurity.
  2. Explaining the different kinds of threats and how they may target them.
  3. Showing examples of phishing emails.
  4. Teaching your staff about password and devices management.
  5. Setting rules to scan external drives.
  6. Adopting Network Access Protection.

These easy cybersecurity policies, coupled with this useful guide for online and security safety, will become one of your best defenses against cyber attackers targeting your employees.

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