Ecommerce Website Success Factors

Cristina Pizzagalli

December 22, 2016


New research from Cogeco Peer 1 on the impact of website loading speeds for online shoppers has revealed that when it comes to an eCommerce website, time is of the essence. The speed it takes for a page to load makes all the difference when it comes to whether a customer will stay on a site or abandon a shopping cart and go elsewhere.

Slow websites are expensive for retailers: Almost half of respondents said that they expect to abandon between one and three shopping carts in the peak period from December to the end of the January. The reason for all of this lost business? Poor eCommerce platform response times.

Speed is not the only deterrent for online shoppers though. When we asked what else would prevent the completion of a purchase, 38.4% cited a lack of visible security and 25.7% said a complex checkout process.

We also asked, “How relevant is imagery in influencing purchasing decisions?” A resounding 63.7% flagged it as important. 26.8% stated that a lack of videos and imagery would also stop them from making online purchases.

These findings illustrate that eCommerce websites need visible security, fast and efficient check out processes and should feature numerous high-resolution images and videos.

eCommerce sites offering these features need to be built on a platform that can scale at peak times, supported by an underlying high-performance infrastructure which, in turn, guarantees seamless execution during peak shopping periods.

The good news is that if the features outlined above are incorporated into an eCommerce platform, a retailer can expect increased sales and happy customers.

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