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IT’s critical role in overcoming new challenges

Alberto Da Anunciacao

 May 25, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Aptum has kept in close contact with our customers as they adapt their business processes to flatten the curve. Many let us know about the challenges they are facing around supporting newly remote workforces, increasing bandwidth, network capacity and maintaining security.

Looking at the entirety of these challenges, there are a number of common threads. Based on what we’ve been hearing, I recently shared some predictions with IT World Canada on how businesses will respond in the coming months, including shifting more workloads to hyperscale cloud, looking more closely at cloud-native solutions, and focusing on security more than ever.

These predictions all point to the growing influence of the enterprise IT department on planning and strategy. As businesses begin to look at how they will operate in coming months and years, IT’s input and involvement will be an essential component to successful and productive organizations.

Read the full post on IT World Canada.

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