No matter what form, disruption is coming for you in 2018

Jaime Leverton

January 19, 2018


With the New Year here, we are all being inundated with hot takes on what happened in 2017 and what we can all expect from the technology industry in 2018.

A quick look at some of these lists brings up a few familiar themes: artificial intelligence, cyber security, blockchain, machine learning, mobility, cloud computing. These are the trends that are going to be disrupting industries across the spectrum in 2018.

Depending on which column you read, these technologies are either going to completely upend your business right now, or they’re not something to be worried about for a few years.

But the bottom line is, whether you think it’s going to be one year or five years from now, your company is going to face disruption. It’s coming for you.

Maybe you’re already seeing it, maybe you’ve planned for what you thought was coming. But even if you’re not sure how these kinds of emerging technologies are going to disrupt your business, you can bet that they will.

At Cogeco Peer 1, we want to be your partner for the future. We are blurring geographical boundaries and becoming more interconnected to serve our clients better. Our footprint has opened up global opportunities, but our presence provides customers with local coverage.

We are in the business of helping our clients plan for disruption with the right technology to power their business. It’s why we’re investing in AI, managed services, cloud computing, and other infrastructure technologies … because we know they will provide the backbone to tomorrow’s global champions.

The truth is, we are now in an era where technology and innovation are becoming the life blood of all companies, not just those whose primary focus is the development of new tech products and services.

Indeed, the way that businesses interact with their customers is fundamentally changing, with consumers now demanding unified experiences whether they’re interacting with you online or offline. Increasingly, much of that interaction takes place on mobile devices. And soon, much of it will be managed by machines. Change is accelerating.

Auto makers are investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning to make self-driving cars. Hospitality companies are refining their tech game to compete against Airbnb. And almost every retailer in the world is upping their tech investment because they can feel Amazon breathing down their neck. We are all tech companies now.

Whether your primary business is technology or not, every organization needs to have a strategy for managing the disruption that these new innovations will inevitably create.

It’s not always possible to know how new technologies will affect your business. But at Cogeco Peer 1, we can help. Every day, we’re helping companies of all sizes create technology strategies that ensure they stay nimble, and keep one step ahead of their competitors.

With the right strategy, and the right technology partner, you can be sure you’re investing in the right innovations, so that you’re ready for future disruption, no matter what form it takes.


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