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Philippe Jetté Keynote at Canadian Telecom Summit 2016: Interesting times, for sure – but rewarding, too

Cristina Pizzagalli

July 20, 2016


TORONTO, June 8 2016 – In his keynote speech at last week’s Canadian Telecom Summit, Philippe Jetté, President, Cogeco Peer 1, talked about the ever-increasing role that technology has in people’s lives, especially in today’s uncertain times – times of flux.

Change was indeed a major theme of the speech. The rate of change in the tech world, driven largely from the explosion of cloud services, has led to new possibilities in business, in politics, and in people’s personal lives.

But it’s also led to serious concerns about data privacy and data security, which led to another major theme of the speech: trust. Who can you trust? How much can you trust them?

These are all-important questions for today’s businesses, who are more reliant on technology than ever before to drive value for customers and growth for investors.

“We believe that technology,” Philippe said, “is no longer an add-on service or a siloed department, but a critical means of delivering on the core strategy of the business, whatever that happens to be.””

For a technology company like Cogeco Peer 1, which partners with small and large businesses alike, it’s all about a trifecta of trust, transparency, and relationships. And as businesses continue to rely on cloud-based technology platforms, nurturing this trifecta will be paramount.

“Technology platforms are longer just ‘IT’ – they’re oxygen,” Philippe said.

> Read the full speech here.

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