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July 04, 2018


Technology is advancing at such a fast pace that it’s nearly impossible to predict what the digital landscape will look like in five years’ time. Trying to stay ahead of the pack within an industry characterized by such rapid change, can be daunting for any IT decision-maker. With so much choice readily available, business leaders are often faced with the difficult decision of picking between influxes of new technologies, with very limited time to choose which best supports them.

Keeping up with the latest innovations, challenges, opportunities and threats that technology brings is a huge task for any organization. If implemented correctly, new technology can propel businesses forward, but can conversely have the opposite effect if adopted inappropriately, causing detrimental problems that threaten to undermine enterprises.

With this in mind, when it comes to the support businesses are receiving from their IT partners in understanding and meeting these changes, it’s clear that there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of the IT systems and services IT vendors are delivering, according to a new study by Cogeco Peer 1.

What is the Value of IT Service Providers?

The study canvassed the opinions of 150 IT decision-makers across several different industries including retail, financial services, business services, media and higher education, and provided a general overview of how well technology is serving organizations, and the role partners play in helping businesses reach their potential.

It revealed that over half (55%) of IT professionals admit that they struggle to keep up with the pace of technology, with two in ten admitting that they had fallen behind the pace of change. It further revealed that 84% of respondents stated that their organization was not currently running on the optimum IT system.

It seems when adopting new technology, it doesn’t always go to plan for businesses. 81% of respondents said that they have been let down by the IT that they have adopted in the past, when it has not lived up to expectations, with almost half (48%) stating that this has happened on multiple occasions. The most common impact for this is reliability issues (65%) and not receiving the required service (57%). Alarmingly, 52% say that higher costs are the outcome of implementing technologies that didn’t quite meet organizational needs. Clearly the cost implications can be detrimental and leave businesses with expensive systems that don’t fully work as anticipated, while also leading to long-term issues.

Susan Bowen, VP and General Manager, EMEA at Cogeco Peer 1 said,

“It is important for an IT partner to step up when it comes to digesting the features, benefits, threats and drawbacks of introducing new products and routes a business could buy into and debrief their recommendations to the business accordingly. Only by becoming a trusted business partner can an IT vendor ingratiate themselves with a business and really add that extra level of invaluable service.”

For more information regarding the study, visit here.

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