Powering Potential and the Frustration of Restrictions


August 09, 2018


Technology has revolutionized business and is a fundamental component to success, helping organizations, irrespective of industry, maximize their potential and grow. To achieve this potential, an agile and flexible IT partner is key.

However, many organizations can be hindered by common restrictions such as internal complexity, security and system integration difficulties. To gain greater insight into these every-day frustrations, Cogeco Peer 1 has canvassed the options of 150 IT decision-makers across several different industries including financial services, higher education, retail, media and business services.

Interestingly many IT influencers point to issues with IT vendors that hinder their ability to move forward. It seems that a lack of choice and flexibility in IT infrastructure is holding back UK businesses, with 85% of respondents revealing that their organization would see faster growth if its IT vendor was less restrictive. 69% of IT decision-makers believe their organizations growth and development has been restricted by IT vendors’ contracts, and the vast majority (84%) of respondents also state that their organization is not currently running the optimum IT system.

Three quarters of those we spoke to said that an IT upgrade they have implemented has not lived up to expectations, with 41% stating that this has happened on multiple occasions. Among the reasons? A system has not integrated well with existing systems (63%), the technology was too immature or unproven (45%) or the vendor did not add the expected value (24%).

This inevitably creates frustration for IT leaders.  At the root of these frustrations are a lack of flexibility (51%) and reliability (50%), as well as 40% of respondents citing too much choice from IT vendors, which their organization finds restrictive.

Furthermore, business agility was highlighted as a key area where IT vendors could drastically improve the value of their service. Three in five (60%) answered IT vendors could do more to help their business to be more agile, with 21% stating that their IT vendors do not help their business to be agile at all.

Susan Bowen (current VP and GM, EMEA) future President at Cogeco Peer 1 said:

“It is clear that the technology industry is key to helping businesses in every sector and specialism grow and to reach their full potential.

Agility and flexibility are key tenets of this, so businesses should seek the right partners and services which enable them to scale up and down to match seamlessly with their needs.

Far from being restrictive, properly scalable solutions can allow businesses to focus on what they do best, rather than being bogged down in their system requirements.”


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