Powering Potential and the Value of Service

Cristina Pizzagalli

June 01, 2018


Digital transformation has become more than just an industry buzzword recently and is changing every aspect of the business landscape. This process of using technology to radically change business models in order to evolve and modernize, prevents organizations from lagging behind in an increasingly competitive market.

For those businesses on their digital transformation journey, there is still room for improvement in terms of available IT systems and services, according to a new study by Cogeco Peer 1. It seems when it comes to what B2B decision-makers look for in an IT vendor, good customer service is the overarching priority.

The study provided a general overview of what IT decision-makers across several different industries including retail, financial services, business services, media and higher education, considered the real value of service from IT suppliers.

It revealed that the vast majority of respondents (85%) believe that their organization’s most prominent current IT vendor could improve its service, with around a quarter (25%) stating that service was in fact the most important factor to their business. Furthermore, it showed that only 14% of respondents were satisfied with the current service that they receive.

Over seven out of ten (75%) respondents stated that cost was one of their organization’s main priorities when looking for an IT vendor. However, when it comes to pricing, it’s clear that businesses are not necessarily looking for providers who are willing to engage in a race to the bottom.

Whilst price does remain a top concern, businesses are recognizing the need for strong scalability to cope with the unpredictability that they experience, especially with the uncertainty of Brexit, and all that it could entail.

Taking the research as a whole, it seems that good customer service is often overlooked in favor of competitive pricing and new products in IT markets. As more and more businesses embrace a digital-first mind set in an increasingly competitive arena, they’re finding that the service they’re receiving isn’t living up to either their expectations, or their business’ needs.

Organizations need an IT vendor who is a trusted infrastructure services partner, and one who can guide them through their digital transformation journey.

Susan Bowen, VP and General Manager, EMEA at Cogeco Peer 1 said: “Having dedicated technical account managers, fast-turnaround on enquiries and 24/7 support can make more of a difference to their bottom line than the expertise the vendor brings or product flexibility, in a service outage or data breach situation, for instance.”

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