San Antonio? A tech town? Yes and yes!

Cristina Pizzagalli

July 20, 2016


SAN ANTONIO, TX – Over the last few years, there’s been a significant groundswell of growth in the tech sector in San Antonio. Young mavericks, start-ups, and young companies are all seeing huge potential for growth in this, the second-most populated city in Texas.

The reasons? Economy, talent, and community.

San Antonio is one of the most affordable cities in which to do business in Texas, making it hugely attractive to bootstrapping entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves and create opportunities. As more and more of these entrepreneurs come to the city, the tech talent is following. The result has been a growing community of like-minded professionals who are quickly establishing a culture of creativity and innovation in the city.

TechBloc – a non-profit organization of local tech professionals — is a great example of how the San Antonio technology community is flourishing. Their mandate: create an infrastructure that will attract talent, nurture it, and keep it in San Antonio for the long-term.

Making San Antonio a go-to tech hub really makes economic sense. The cost of living is significantly less than that of Austin to the North. Services and infrastructure are growing rapidly in the city. And just a 1% increase in the tech population, says TechBloc, is resulting in a 2.3% increase in GDP.

Cogeco Peer 1 has been part of the San Antonio tech community for more than a decade. And like TechBloc, “We believe in giving back to the community. Cogeco Peer 1 provides dedicated, paid time-off for engaging in community development and sponsorship opportunities.” says Kevin Paolino, General Manager, Cogeco Peer 1.

“There’s a tremendous amount of growth potential in the San Antonio tech sector, and as we ourselves grow our footprint in the city, we continue to look for ways to develop not only our internal talent, but extend the opportunity to others in the community.  We have an Intern Program where we find fantastic talent from local universities,” Kevin says. “We also recently started working with The Iron Yard, a tech training company focused on delivering intensive courses around web development, which ultimately deliver talent to the San Antonio market.”

The trick to being a successful tech start-up these days?

“Well, it’s not for the faint of heart,” says Kevin. “Key ingredients are Passion, People, Realism, Collaboration and Embracing Technology,” he goes on to say. “Passion around your concept, and the true value that this can bring to people, will be the trait that others embrace and act upon.”

There’s no question that’s exactly what’s happening in San Antonio, right now.

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