Seeing IT in 3D: The IDC view of digital transformation

Cristina Pizzagalli

October 19, 2016


Conversations from the 2016 CIO Innovation Summit

Digital Transformation (DX) is a reality that every enterprise is facing – or will face soon enough – to remain competitive and relevant in the digital economy.

Driven by the accelerated demand for more mobile computing, cloud services, big data, and data analytics, DX is shifting the priorities of enterprise IT organizations. In addition to its traditional role of ensuring stability and efficiency of enterprise systems, IT must also embrace an exploratory, proactive role to respond with greater speed and agility.

At its Data Center Infrastructure and Operations Summit in 2014, Gartner, Inc., introduced the idea of Bimodal IT – a model that splits enterprise IT into two organizations: one, traditional, and the other, innovative.

“It’s a model that’s understandable,” says Bill Keyworth, Vice President of Research, IT Operational Excellence, IDC. “But, that has risks and limitations because it’s siloed.” He sees an alternative to Bimodal IT, which he calls “3D”.

In his presentation at the Canadian 2016 CIO Innovation Summit, “Leading in 3D”, he took the group through his “leadership roadmap for DX”, comprising three areas working together in tandem:

  1. Innovate – developing an innovative and digitally competent IT talent pool;
  2. Integrate – building a reliable, scalable and secure digital infrastructure; and
  3. Incorporate – creating a flexible and optimized IT infrastructure.

Keyworth’s argument: “IT needs to move from being efficient to being effective too.” At the same time, he says, “there’s no point in investing innovation if you don’t implement it.” For him, the solution lies in his 3D model, which means being committed to a single IT organizational structure that balances the traditional with the innovative simultaneously.

Take a look at the numbers driving Keyworth’s 3D approach. Download our latest infographic now.

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