data security is vital for healthcare institutions


Of healthcare and data. A successful solution for Sunnybrook Health Sciences

Cristina Pizzagalli

February 21, 2017


Nowhere is data security and data management more important than it is for healthcare institutions. It’s an area that Cogeco Peer 1 knows well, having long served the data needs of healthcare around the world.

Paramount, of course, for all healthcare institutions, is maintaining the highest possible level of patient care. The core issues: privacy and access. Patient records must be stored securely, but at the same time, be readily accessible to healthcare providers in crisis and clinical situations alike.

At the same time, the mandate of many healthcare institutions goes beyond patient care to teaching and research, so the ability for students, instructors and researchers to have access to medical data is crucial.

Recently, Cogeco Peer 1 was engaged by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to develop a secure, reliable, cost-effective data solution for the world-renowned healthcare institution using FastFiber Network® connectivity services. By any measure, the solution was a success, prompting Sunnybrook’s Director or Information Technology, Oliver Tsai, to say that Cogeco Peer 1 is a “game-changer”.

To read the complete case study download it here.

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