Take Time to Thank a Techie This October 3

Cristina Pizzagalli

October 03, 2017


How many times have you had to call your organization’s tech support department because you’ve been having problems with your work issued laptop, desktop or mobile device? No matter how meticulously it has been configured, IT equipment goes wrong from time to time, and that’s when you need to call in the techies.

But what about the rest of the time when everything’s working as it should? Do you pay a visit or make a call to your tech support department and tell them to keep up the good work? Probably not, and that’s understandable because everyone’s busy.

However, if there was ever a time to show the techies you rely on some appreciation, National Techies Day is it.

Careers in Technology

Every year, on October 3, National Techies Day is observed. And while it’s a great opportunity to show some appreciation for the techies you know and thank them for all the great work they do throughout the year, it also serves another important purpose.

National Techies Day was actually created back in 1998 by and the CNET group of companies to boost awareness of – and help high school students become educated about – careers in technology.

A recently released LinkedIn survey shows that careers in the technology industry are the most rewarding financially. In fact, the Software & IT Services industry and the Hardware & Networking industry were ranked first and second respectively when it comes to highest salaries – both with median compensation of over $100,000 annually.

While medicine is number one with the highest salaries for specific jobs, the tech industry comes out on top when you take into consideration all of the jobs in the sector.

In terms of the most lucrative field of study, technology is also at the top, as Computer Science leads the way with median compensation of $92,300.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, geographically, San Francisco has the highest salaries in the country. The tech industry is the biggest in the Bay Area, and the only sector with a job role to break the $100,000 mark there.

Gender Inequality

However, there is one area where the tech industry isn’t shining so brightly and that’s gender equality.

While the construction, manufacturing, and transportation/logistics industries have the lowest ratio of female employees – 4.7, 3.2 and 2.6 males for every female respectively – the tech sector isn’t far behind.

Software and IT services have 2.4 males for every female, and hardware and networking have 2.3.

It’s a situation that needs addressing through education and mentoring.

Female students should be encouraged to explore the opportunities available to them in the tech industry, and actively supported if they choose to pursue one of them. Math and science are both closely related to technology-based jobs, which is why any student, regardless of their gender, should be made aware of the potential opportunities open to them.

Hopefully, you’ll remember to acknowledge your favorite techie this October 3, and actively encourage any students (and future students) you know to investigate the numerous roles open to them in the tech industry – especially if they’ve shown an interest but ultimately dismissed a career in tech.

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