UK National Apprenticeship Week – Q&A with Charlotte Bridge

Cristina Pizzagalli

March 09, 2017


Charlotte Bridge

With National Apprenticeship Week in its 10th year in the UK, we celebrate by asking one of our apprentices, Charlotte Bridge, what it means for her.

Charlotte is spending a year as a Lead Development Representative in our sales team, as well as studying for a Business Admin Level 3 Diploma.

Q. What does a day in the life of a Cogeco Peer 1 apprentice look like?

As Lead Development Representative, my job is essentially to deal with potential customers, and guide them to a position where they become our new customers.

Using a chat system and the telephone, I talk to perspective and current customers about their requirements and how we can help. I also work closely with the marketing team and help on their campaigns.

First thing, when I arrive in the office, I tend to log in to the system, catch up with my admin, answer the door and greet visitors. I am also part of the social innovation team at Cogeco Peer 1, which means I help organise the employee social events. Between tasks, I catch up with my coursework and volunteer with Apps For Good. It’s an all-rounded role!

Q. What are the benefits over traditional higher education routes?

Doing an apprenticeship is giving me a real life perspective of what it’s like to be part of a business. I’m learning from a practical point of view, as well as the theory. I’m talking to customers and learning how to deal and adapt to real-life situations, that I just wouldn’t be in if I was solely classroom-based. It’s also helping me with my studies, as I’m basing my coursework on real-life scenarios. That’s more insight than I’d ever get from a textbook!

Q. What attracted you to Cogeco Peer 1?

In all honesty, it looked like a great place to work. The slide, the pool table, it all reminded me of a mini Google office! I thought it would be a place that looks after its employees, and I was right. There’s even a bike scheme which incentivises the team to cycle to work. Little things like that make a real difference.

In general, there’s just a real community vibe. The fact that you can wear what you like and what you’re comfortable in, and be yourself at work means that creativity can flow. There are so many ways to develop too.

Q. What did the interview process look like?

After my telephone interview with Cogeco Peer 1, I was invited in to meet the Sales Manager and Head of Lead Development. The interview itself was interesting and not like any I’d experienced before. I was asked to draw a picture of what represents me. I drew carrots and animals, and myself in summer clothes to show I’m a vegetarian.

The interview itself was a real test to see if I would be a fit for the company culture. It really went beyond the scope of a normal interview. I did a presentation which showed my research skills. It was a thorough process, but that made it all the better when I was offered the job.

Q. What advice would you give another apprentice at Cogeco Peer 1?

I would tell them to take up every possible opportunity. This is a workplace where you can really thrive. It’s a supportive and willing environment, so keep an open mind and you’ll learn a lot and grow as a person.

Watch our interns in action.  Catch the video here:


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