Why work with a cloud partner?

Craig Tavares

 June 11, 2019


Thanks to commoditized cloud offerings such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, organizations can easily link their public cloud to their on-premises data center. But the migration process can be architecturally complex and time-consuming to manage, not to mention costly when putting the right talent in place.

That’s why we’re seeing a lot of organizations opting for a managed cloud solution, which allows them to offload the responsibilities of migration and management (and even brokering the entire infrastructure) to a cloud partner.

So why should you consider a managed approach over a DIY solution?

For many, it comes down to costs. Managed cloud is designed to scale with your business – that means you pay for management services only when your cloud services are active. Without a doubt, that’s a strong draw for most organizations, but it’s certainly not the only one.

Azure and AWS allow you to take advantage of enhanced networking, global presence, and even advanced technologies such as machine learning – but leveraging those benefits can be tricky. The right partner, however, can provide the guidance and expertise to get you the most from your solution – which is support you may not get otherwise (especially if you’re not a Fortune 100 company).

How a cloud partner can help

The role of a cloud partner goes beyond the scope of a commoditized offering. A good partner will walk you through the cloud journey, address your business pain points and come up with a customized approach to help meet your business goals.

At Cogeco Peer 1, we help you manage the complexities of hyperscale cloud so you can enjoy its full benefits. Our Managed Microsoft Azure offering, for example, provides day-to-day operational management of infrastructure within Azure Cloud, including configuration assistance and troubleshooting services, along with OS patching, anti-malware, monitoring, and backup services.

Unlike many cloud and hosting service providers, we offer a holistic approach that includes all major components of a cloud computing solution. This puts us in a strong position to help customers with their digital transformation initiatives.

Our cloud services and connectivity products cover various components of a cloud solution, including the following:

• Cloud platforms: Managed Azure and managed private cloud (VMware), Mission Critical Cloud
• Professional services: Assessment, design, build, and migration
• Connectivity: Cloud Connect for Azure ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Interconnect, SD-WAN, MPLS
• Managed services

Finding the right partner

Finding a trusted cloud partner will become even more important in the years to come. Highlighting this need, Microsoft’s recent Cloud Skills Report found that 38% of companies looking to hire IT pros with cloud skills were having a hard time finding qualified workers.

Fortunately, a managed cloud partner already has these skills and can help you cost-effectively plan your transition to the cloud or build a hybrid infrastructure.

At Cogeco Peer 1, our solutions are based on best practices around resiliency, security and performance. Our range of connectivity options — such as MPLS and SD-WAN — allows you to pick the right connectivity solutions based on the priority of your applications. And our team sets up monitoring alerts for system availability to help detect and resolve problems early on, so you’ll enjoy increased security and system uptime.

By partnering early in your cloud migration process, we make it our business to understand your cloud adoption drivers and technology pain points.

For more information on the business benefits of working with a managed cloud partner, download our eBook.

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