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Aptum teams around the world have the opportunity to support their local communities. Check out how Aptumists have organized, volunteered and donated to many great organizations that truly make an impact to so many.

So far, we've raised $ 62165 CAD in support of local organizations and charities!

Rika the Rhino

Rika The Rhino Reborn!

When we moved our office in Southampton, we donated our beloved Rika the Rhino to the children at the nearby Mount Pleasant Junior School.

To make the donation extra special, the school linked up with the ‘Care for Wild Rhino’ charity and made this an educational opportunity for the pupils.

Emily said, “Team Kifaru set off learning all about rhinos before launching a school-wide competition to design Rika’s makeover. The judging panel was made up of rangers from Ol Pejeta, the founder of ‘Care for Wild’, Petronel Nieuwoudt, as well as Linda Norman and Pete Bunting as former Aptum staff who helped with the donation of Rika. The winning designs were then combined and Rika was painted by children across the school. The design features scenes of endangered animals across the world, information about rhinos, and patterns from all the countries where rhinos are indigenous.”

On World Rhino Day, Rika was unveiled in all her new glory! The whole school took part in the celebrations, with children and teachers alike dressing up in animal costumes and safari outfits. During their morning assembly, they linked live to the ‘Care for Wild’ sanctuary in South Africa!

We’re delighted that Rika has found a new home and thank the whole of Mount Pleasant Junior School for taking such great care of her!

Rika the rhino with Emily Harper
Daily Bread

Daily Bread Food Bank - 151 employees. 2 hours of giving back = 302 hours or 38 days volunteered in the community!

Wrote 175 thank-you cards to new Daily Bread supporters ensuring the sustainability of city-wide food programs
16,728 lbs of food sorted – enough food for 836 families for 2.5 days
1600 soup portions packed for delivery to meal programs
480 individual meal portions packaged for delivery through Red Cross to marginalized neighbours who are unable to physically access food banks
200 lbs of carrots rescued from food waste and prepared for food bank users

Aptum at Daily bread food bank
Say Goodnight

Say Goodnight to Hunger

The Aptum Grow event helped Omni Hotels & Resorts in their mission to Say Goodnight to Hunger.
Because Aptum held a series of meetings at the King Edward Hotel on February 3-6,
Omni Hotels & Resorts donated 400 meals to feed families in need in our community.
Thank you, Aptum.

Daily Bread
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