“Before we partnered with Aptum, we felt like we were being treated unfairly, like a small fish in a large pond, and we were not getting the attention we deserved with our previous provider. We were put in contact with the team at Aptum and from our first interaction, we knew we were getting the time and attention we needed to achieve our business goals.”
– Glyn Porritt, Technical Services Manager, Adam Matthew Digital

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Adam Matthew Digital is an academic publisher based in the United Kingdom. It is known for its award-winning online products providing access to global leading archive and library collections.

The company specialises in online primary source databases and curated collections for the humanities and social sciences. It focuses on humanities-based materials with the belief that at the heart of education is the freedom to think critically with the help of the latest technologies. It reimagines primary sources to empower current and future generations to challenge, analyse and debate.

Based in Wiltshire, Adam Matthew Digital has over 100 employees and primarily distributes its products across the United Kingdom and North America. It has longstanding relationships with various Libraries and Archives such as the British Library, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The New York Public Library, and many more.

Over the last two decades, the company has overcome many challenges in developing its products in line with the move to digital archives and publishing.

Business Challenges

  • Meeting and exceeding customer demands

    The rise in technical advances and customers’ expectations of hosting, functionality, and industry standards create increasing challenges around overseeing the maintenance and support of existing platform services and the integration of those relevant technical partners.

  • Lack of technical expertise

    Adam Matthew Digital lacked the technical in-house expertise to sufficiently manage the data operations. It wanted to build its own software team and give them the tools and the back-office support they needed to expand their expertise, without the burden of implementing and managing the infrastructure and servers.

    To allow the team to focus on delivering business value for its customers, it needed a managed service partner that would remove this stress and allow the team to focus on the work that is critical to business success and growth.

    Adam Matthew Digital’s incumbent provider was unable to provide them with the expert time and tailored approach they needed for business growth and product expansion.

  • Migration between data centres

    One of the challenges the company faced was the migration between two data centres. This migration had to be conducted within a tight timeframe, meaning that the move of existing data from one data centre to another had to be completed rapidly. To achieve a smooth and seamless migration, expert assistance was needed.

    For Adam Matthew Digital, it was also vital that data was securely migrated without any damage or loss. After migration, it was also imperative that its data was securely stored and wasn’t at risk of being corrupted or lost.

    Another data challenge was the commissioning of its SAN discs in the migration. The huge amount of data that needed to be audited and provisioned, called in to question the in-house team's ability to physically copy and migrate the data. This was partly because it had a limit on the bandwidth restricting that level of data replication.

The Solution

  • Having worked with Aptum for years, Adam Matthew Digital knew they would be able to carry out this migration to a high standard given Aptum’s ability to tailor its range of managed service resources. They knew that Aptum would be able to give them secure managed hosting that would ensure their data was safe.
  • Aptum put in place a solid strategy-first plan when managing the migration. Throughout the process, Aptum checked in at regular intervals and benchmarks to ensure that everything was running smoothly, meeting Adam Mathew Digital’s high expectations and standards.
  • Storage of data in the migration. The safe storage of its data was essential both during the migration and once it was finished. This migration was a huge undertaking and Aptum was able to ensure that no data was put at risk despite the tight turnaround.
  • Aptum’s dedicated network between the two data centres meant all data was kept up to date using near real-time replication. This not only provided zero data loss during the migration but also provided a robust roll back process in the event anything untoward might happen during the cut over.
  • For Adam Matthew Digital, it was vital that the migration caused as little disruption as possible. Aptum managed every technical aspect of the move and hosted all business-critical, non-back-office applications meeting its guaranteed 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • The continuation of Aptum’s managed services within Adam Matthew Digital has allowed the team to focus on their business and innovation goals without the responsibility of managing its data servers.
“When things are going well, it is just business as usual. As soon as anything goes wrong, you want that relationship to be an extension of your team. That is where we have been so fortunate with Aptum. Our Technical Account Managers at Aptum have always been fantastic with their availability. They jump on a task at a moment's notice and immediately understand the problem, which has allowed us to focus on delivering our business outcomes.”

As fast as you want it to be. As reliable as you need it to be. A broad spectrum of managed services for servers, storage, databases, commerce and business applications. Backed by Aptum’s 24/7 expert support. We transformed business for Adam Matthew Digital, what can we do for you?

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Business Benefits

As a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider, Aptum was able to deliver complex and tailored solutions across a fully managed, high-performance network. With a 20-year history of helping over 1400 customers, Aptum was able to provide a wide range of managed hosting services to help Adam Matthew Digital manage its data and meet its business objectives.

With its extensive knowledge of both hybrid and multi-cloud hosting services, Aptum was able to provide the right support for Adam Matthew Digital and help them unlock their full potential as a business.

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Total Tailored Solutions

Aptum’s total solution was tailored specifically to Adam Matthew Digital. Considering everything the team needed to succeed, Aptum implemented solutions that would allow it to achieve its business goals without having to compromise on security and data management.

As a result, Adam Matthew Digital was able to store, manage, and secure the critical data that is integral to the business operations. It was able to continue giving its customers the products and services they needed without compromising its archives. The personalised experience Adam Matthew received catered to its business needs with its goals being the focal point of all planning.

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Exceeding Expectations

“The dedication shown from Aptum has been maintained throughout our partnership which has allowed us to grow alongside each other which has been the best outcome we could have asked for.”

The team at Adam Matthew Digital were always well informed of the progress and stages through the regular meetings with the Aptum team. These meetings started off weekly and became more frequent closer to the migration date. Aptum gave the team their undivided attention throughout the process and was on hand to answer any queries or concerns. A meticulous level of planning went into the migration and every step was accounted for.