Inondations en Thaïlande : la pénurie renchérit les disques durs

Cogeco Peer 1

novembre 15, 2011


Thailand is partially under water and large factories of electronic products, in particular those producing hard drives are stopped. The country focuses ready-quarter of world production and 60% of the production of micromotors for discs. Since weathering product lines are no longer supplied and prices are soaring.

Result: a few weeks, the market value was multiplied by two or three, a phenomenon widely anticipated by retailers who fear stockouts and do not foresee any improvement for several months. Western Digital has two of its four factories partially flooded, the other two being laid off, as its competitor Seagate arrested several assembly lines for lack of spare parts. If the recession seems under way, production will not resume its stride several months as it will take at least clean up otherwise rebuild the workshops in white areas to regain the conditions required by a high-tech production, very sensitive to environmental conditions.

The shortage phenomenon primarily affects the internal drives found in desktop PCs, mobiles but also in servers and storage arrays. Retail prices of high capacity – from 1 TB – have soared and the phenomenon is now spreading to external drives. These supply shortages also affect the production of CPUs themselves, which obviously can not be delivered without their valuable mass memories.

For companies with internal IT resources are sized at the loan needs of the moment, it is time to consider alternative solutions as managed services. The reliance on means external calculation but also of shared storage capacity, provides flexibility because a web host usually has significant resources. These are largely supplied not only to continue to effectively satisfy customers whose needs can increase suddenly and punctually, on the occasion of a marketing campaign, for example (in the case of web agencies in particular), but also immediately use the newly recruited companies that do not want to perpetuate their migration from the old system to the new.

These operational technical reserves are a flexible and rapid response to companies that would suffer from a partial and temporary unavailability of their computers. But it is also an ideal opportunity to address and effectively test new modes.


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