Le PRA, l’assurance vie de l’entreprise

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octobre 18, 2011


No need for earthquake undermine a company. A simple computer failure can be dramatic and condemn a commercial or industrial company to certain death if « no life insurance » was purchased. But this kind of contract – the disaster recovery plan or PRA – can not be improvised at the last minute on a standard form. An AIP is built according to each company’s operating characteristics , with the help of a specialized service provider.

Back up critical data and applications from day to day

A host-board has the advantage of providing both the experience every day with clients of various profiles and external perspective needed to inform the IT department of the company and help it develop its strategy and procedures. The host Consulting also provides the hardware and software to save daily data and critical applications , and to prepare for the withdrawal to relay technical infrastructure, if the fateful day happens.

The issue is important since these minimize the disruption to normal work process and, above all, to serve clients without her any suffering of the incident are not noticing or – if possible – of less malfunction. Even more than the simple backup computer data, a PRA is the essential guarantee for the sustainability of the company, a basic precaution that must absolutely take vis-à-vis its customers but also its employees.

Building a Disaster Recovery Plan

To build a disaster recovery plan must therefore choose an IT service provider that ensures! That has some precedence in the PRA by posting solid references, especially with companies whose operation is based on strategic data protection and management of information. This partner must also have hands on its own technical infrastructure – broadband connections, servers, data storage systems – in order to mobilize and size the demand, according to the changing needs of its customers. It must also rely on human skills to the top qualifications of the moment and with recent certifications issued by manufacturers of hardware and software vendors recognized in the areas of backup and restore websites or critical applications . Finally, the hosting-provider must provide the collateral it has taken all necessary measures to safeguard and restore to turn precious digital assets entrusted to it. That’s the lesser of it.


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