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décembre 05, 2011


The next December 6, foreign companies wishing to specifically address the French market will upload appropriate versions of their news sites or e-commerce with the extension .com in terminating their Internet address (URL). This liberalization which also covers individuals belonging to countries of the European Union as well as Switzerland and Liechtenstein, allows France to be on par with other countries of the Old Continent: commercial companies and agencies non French will thus be informative or advertising communication in French, without having to keep anonymous, mundane extensions like .com , .org or .net . The extension .com also allow users uncomfortable with the language of Shakespeare to have insurance find on these sites Anglicized of texts in their preferred language.

This major decision also concerns other five extensions that will also be open simultaneously in French and Europeans: The .re for Reunion Island, the .wf for Wallis and Futuna Islands, .tf for Southern Lands and French Antarctic, the .pm for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and .yt to the island of Mayotte recently become the 10 th French department. Like .com , these extensions are managed by AFNIC (French Association for Internet Naming in Cooperation) and now obey to the same registration rules as those governing .com .
Build trust

Internet top level domain, extension .com means the territorial area of France and allows individuals or business having made this choice to ensure optimum visibility among French Internet users. According AFNIC, 82% of French Internet users spontaneously look for the websites of the French companies in priority indicating the extension . fr . Giving a sense of closeness, presence on French territory, reassures the majority of Internet users. Commercial enterprises or organizations for the general public with an address . fr displayed and a will to reactivity to French Internet and send a signal that their offers of goods or services have been designed for the French market, in compliance with regulations that protect consumers in France.

With over 2 million domain names registered to date, the .fr not only occupies the 7 th position of the European extensions behind .de German (14.6 million), English (9, 6 million), the .nl Netherlands (4.6 million), the .eu Europe (3.4 million), the .it Italian (2.2 million) and .pl Polish (2.16 million). This opening to Europe should give the extension .com a new impulse which is also the purpose of this amendment.

The other five extensions also provide this clarification of identification for people who wish to address specifically the populations of the territories concerned. Recall that nommages managed by AFNIC are accessible to any natural person resident in France or French nationality and residing abroad, as well as legal persons who can demonstrate a presence in France (headquarters, Brand filed for France, etc.). The reservation of domain names . fr , is for a period of 12 months, renewable by tacit agreement. It is exclusively through registrars. The registration process may however be supported, on behalf of the plaintiffs, through intermediaries competent technical, for example, web site hosts.

The right to accentuation

The next step regarding the launch of internationalized domain names or IDNs is already under discussion. It provides for the introduction of 66 accented characters such as a, ù, é, î or the œ in the composition of domain names. To date, domain names .com can be from 3 to 255 English characters (between 2 and 63 characters between each « . »). The introduction of emphasis and special characters in the French language in writing domain names will soon allow the use of Société.com or société.fr with punctuation and accent without risk of rejection by the DNS servers charge of screening and identification of the recipients of requests. AFNIC is responsible in France of the domain names naming policy that is respectful of the general interest, attentive to the rights of third parties and rigorous about the technical quality. Therefore, the association maintains the namespace . fr to a high level of stability and performance, ensuring that domain names in . fr remain accessible worldwide. This reliability and safety are enhanced since 2010 by implementing DNSSEC, Internet protocol that ensures the integrity of DNS information from the area . fr . These provisions are strictly adhered to by all Internet actors and particularly by specialized hosts that support outsourcing many websites on behalf of their clients.


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