VIRTUAL EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLEHow a Business Can Stay on the Offensive in Challenging Times

The pandemic has added a new level of difficulty to achieving business goals. For most organizations, a change is in order through adaptation, innovation or transformation.

Aptum recently hosted a panel of industry leaders for an in-depth discussion of this important topic:

Susan Bowen (Moderator), President and CEO, Aptum Technologies

Jack Danahy, Consultant, Alert Logic

Philbert Shih, Managing Director, Structure Research

Mark Vivian, CEO, Claremont

These videos, excerpted from the Roundtable, provide insights into business approach and technology to help stay on the offensive, and fuel growth and success in these challenging times and beyond.

Business Philosophy Going Forward

The global health crisis has forced organizations to adopt new approaches to IT infrastructure and security to support new ways of work. As we emerge from the pandemic, how are these approaches affecting planning and strategy going forward?

More from Susan Bowen

Susan Bowen, Aptum President and CEO, provides her further thoughts on how a business can stay on the offensive in challenging times.

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Partnering in a Multi-Cloud World

In the face of today’s challenges, organizations have moved to multi-cloud or hybrid cloud models. Many are recognizing that success implementing these solutions comes from partnering to ensure their data is always on the right cloud, for the right reason.

Choosing Your Cloud Partner

This eBook discusses the importance of a trusted partner that truly understands you, your business, the challenges you face and the structure of your organization.

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Consider Your Infrastructure Strategy

The pandemic has shown the immediate impact IT infrastructure has on business success. There is increasing realization that infrastructure must be designed around the needs of a company’s data. At the same time, adaptability and resilience are key to any IT strategy.

How a Data As Infrastructure™ Approach Optimizes Business Outcomes

Data is at the foundation of every organization, and impacts many key drivers of business success. So the choice of infrastructure is critical to unlock the potential of data.

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Security Takes a Leading Role

Security has always been on the minds of IT professionals, but the new business landscape and a proliferation of remote work has accelerated the need for increased security around data, applications and management of IT infrastructure.

Taking the Offensive Approach in 2021 – Security Ramifications

Jack Danahy, Consultant, Alert Logic expands on his Roundtable comments, citing opportunities for improved security, cost savings, and improved prospects for organizations that transform thoughtfully.

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What’s Next for 2021… In 3 Words

The panelists sum up what they expect coming out of the pandemic -- how businesses will continue to find ways to fuel growth and success.

But here’s the challenge … they can only use 3 words to describe their expectations.

Aptum’s Look Ahead for 2021

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in many ways. Facing new challenges, IT departments everywhere are searching for the right solutions. Aptum anticipates what will become reality through 2021.

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