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Cogeco Peer 1 launches Apparmor

Cogeco Peer 1

August 16, 2017


New web application provides businesses with access to a complete suite of DDoS security products

TORONTO, ONTARIO, August 16, 2017Cogeco Peer 1 today announced the availability of a new web application protection product. AppArmor defends against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks and rounds out Cogeco Peer 1’s full suite of DDoS protection products capable of securing client infrastructure from the network to the web application layer.

Today’s cyber criminals are sophisticated and use globally distributed and highly scalable resources to compromise enterprise networks. Recent incidents such as last year’s Mirai attack on Dyn which targeted sites Netflix and Twitter highlight the threat posed by Internet of Things (IoT)-based bots. With the number of IoT devices sitting at 8.4 billion according to Gartner and only poised to grow, a robust DDoS defense that goes beyond perimeter-only solutions is clearly a priority for businesses.

“DDoS attacks are becoming easier to deploy, making them more difficult to prevent and trace,” said Bertrand Labelle, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, Cogeco Peer 1. “Organizations need to embrace more globally scalable and distributed solutions that offer broad DDoS mitigation capacity in light of advances in attack strategies that use IoT-bots or target applications. That’s where Cogeco Peer 1’s DDoS Shield product, now with AppArmor, comes in. Together, they deliver a powerful DDoS security solution.”

Cogeco Peer 1 safeguards customers’ internal networks from cyber threats with scalable, hardened, and easily deployed network DDoS protection systems. While virtually every organization can benefit from DDoS protection, eCommerce customers have an even greater need for some form of Web Application Firewall (WAF). AppArmor provides that added line of defense by helping block application-layer attacks. Also known as Layer 7 attacks, these exploits target weaknesses in an application or server, with the goal of establishing a connection to monopolize processes and transactions.

Paired with DDoS Shield, Cogeco Peer 1 DDoS AppArmor customers benefit from:

  • Cloud-based, best-in-class managed DDoS mitigation and Web Application Firewall protection
  • Unlimited protection with multiple geographically dispersed DDoS mitigation centers offering 1Tbps total capacity
  • Systems monitored and managed 24×7 by top cybersecurity experts
  • Detects, routes and mitigates Layer 3 (Network), Layer 4 (Transport), and Layer 7 (Application) DDoS attacks in under a minute
  • High Availability for application through automated DNS routing
  • Customer Control Center dashboard with detailed attack and threat report analytics

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About Cogeco Peer 1:

Cogeco Peer 1 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc. (TSX:CCA) and is a global provider of essential business-to-business products and services, such as colocation, network connectivity, managed hosting, cloud services and managed services, that allow customers across Canada, Mexico, the United States and Western Europe to focus on their core business. With 16 data centers, extensive FastFiber Network® and more than 50 points-of-presence in North America and Europe combined, Cogeco Peer 1 is a trusted partner to businesses small, medium and large, providing the ability to access, move, manage and store mission-critical data worldwide, backed by superior customer support. More information visit:

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