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Cogeco Peer 1 launches new Partner Portal and customized Partner Programs

Cogeco Peer 1

May 17, 2017


Three unique Partner Programs empower channel partners across the globe to improve client service and increase sales

TORONTO, May 17, 2017Cogeco Peer 1 is excited to introduce the Cogeco Peer 1 Partner Portal, as well as three new Partner Programs designed to meet the unique needs of a wide range of channel partners globally.

“We believe our Partner Portal and three customized Partner Programs will empower our channel partners to better support their clients, accelerate sales and boost their respective bottom lines,” said David Ramsey, Global Director, Strategic Alliances & Partners, Cogeco Peer 1. We listened to, and worked closely with, our different partners in various industries around the world to develop resources we fully expect will help our partners drive new business.”

Designed for partners such as digital agencies, system integrators, VARs (value-added resellers), agents, developers, Managed Service Providers, and ISV’s, the Cogeco Peer 1 Partner Portal is a centralized and secure place for partner management, deal registration, marketing and sales enablement, product and technical resources, and more. Available in English, French, Spanish, and German, the Portal is integrated with Salesforce to provide a seamless experience for both Cogeco Peer 1 partners and global channel teams. Current partners are encouraged to create their account on the Portal today to begin experiencing its many value-added benefits.

The Partner Portal is segmented by partner program and region, which provides partners customized access to different functionality and resources within the site, as necessary. Channel partners globally can now choose between the unique offerings of the following Cogeco Peer 1 Partner Programs:

Referral Partner Program – Partners can drive new business and earn revenue through referring clients and prospects to Cogeco Peer 1. This program provides a simple and easy to understand structure where partners refer business to Cogeco Peer 1 and receive payment for each deal that closes. With no dependencies to stay in the program, it’s ideal for partners who are just getting started, or prefer to be paid on a per-deal basis.

Referral Plus Partner Program – Partners can empower their businesses and achieve lucrative residual commissions by referring business to Cogeco Peer 1. For partners who prefer to maintain an ongoing relationship with Cogeco Peer 1 and the client they refer, this program offers partners recurring quarterly commissions based on overall MRR (monthly recurring revenue) volume. While there are certain program dependencies to stay in the program, the residual referral structure means partners have the opportunity to receive higher and recurring commissions.

Reseller Partner Program – This program allows partners to expand their business and enhance revenue through reselling select products and services at a discounted rate. This program provides a simple and supportive approach to leverage our global brand to help uncover potential opportunities and resell our solutions to their customers, while gaining a competitive advantage and high margins.

All partners will have customized access to the Cogeco Peer 1 Partner Portal, as well as an assigned Channel Account Executive to help set them up for success.  To learn more about the new Cogeco 1 Partner Portal and Partner Programs, please visit:

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