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The customer is always right. Even the mysterious ones.

Cogeco Peer 1

August 21, 2016


Getting great feedback from customers is one of the most exciting parts of life at Cogeco Peer 1. It doesn’t matter whether it is as a result of helping a customer who is experiencing unexpected spikes in traffic, configuring an optimized cloud environment, advising on security or helping with a tricky but vital migration, the feedback we get is worth every sleepless night and drop of blood, sweat or tears shed. We take our customers’ experience very seriously, because at the end of the day, it is that experience that sets us apart.

So, it was with great pleasure that we were informed Cogeco Peer 1 has received Gold Certification in an independent customer experience management certification programme this week. The programme relies on secret shoppers that review up to 500 different elements of the buying experience. Described as “a sales tool for B2B companies who want to ensure that they are offering the highest level of quality customer experience.” The certification from Alinea Partners, a specialist European Network, benchmarks hundreds of companies globally.

Secret shoppers are great but there is nothing like the real thing. Click here to hear what real Cogeco Peer 1 customers have to say about us.

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