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New Aptum study explores how best to combat unforeseen cloud costs


 December 01, 2022

Hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider Aptum this week released Part Three of its annual Cloud Impact Study 2022, with the main takeaway being that cloud computing has resulted in higher-than-expected costs for 73 per cent of IT decision makers surveyed.

Marvin Sharp, the company’s vice president of product and strategy, said, “unforeseen costs associated with the cloud can be a challenge for many businesses that lack a comprehensive cloud strategy. Typically, unanticipated costs come about due to a lack of familiarity with the cloud.”

Businesses, he said, do not always “fully understand how consumption models work and which one is best for their organization. For example, the original migration can often cause a peak in price due to lack of successful refactoring of applications. This price increase can be large, and isn’t always explained to businesses, causing unnecessary concern.”

Based on responses from 400 senior IT professionals based in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K., Part One of the study was released in February and explored the deployment of workloads on different cloud infrastructures, and the decision-making process behind their placement.

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