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The Post-Pandemic Cloud


 November 16, 2022

As enterprises look towards their post-pandemic futures, is the cloud still the central pillar onto which their IT infrastructure is built, or is the cloud also changing to meet the new digital transformation challenges businesses now face?

According to ForgeRock, an estimated 45% of IT spending will shift to the cloud by 2024. However, with the research also indicates that over 80% of CIOs stated they had yet to achieve all their goals with their cloud migration. What does this mean for the future development of hosted services?

As businesses re-draw their digital transformation roadmaps in the wake of COVID-19, what part cloud service play is being scrutinised. Cost savings and efficiency gains are often the twin drivers, but are enterprising fully embracing the opportunities that today’s cloud services can offer?

It’s a question at the board level as business leaders define how their organisations will operate in the future, what this means for workforces, and how next-generation customer services will be delivered.

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