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From its very beginning, Ponant, the only cruise line sailing under the French flag, made the bold move of proposing a new style of cruising, through a unique mix of sea travel combined with exceptional itineraries and elegant hotel service aboard ships, delivered on an intimate scale. For 30 years, the company has endeavored to bring the “French way of life” to all the world’s oceans. This “French touch” is embodied by a French crew for whom discreet service and gastronomy take pride of place. Aboard limited-capacity yachts, specially designed for expeditions, guests are provided with an unrivaled standard of comfort and service. With a fleet of 12 ships, 2,000 crew members and 460 departures planned in 2021, Ponant, the world leader in luxury expeditions, will sail all the seas in the world to exceptional destinations including the Antarctic, the Arctic, Alaska, the Amazon, the Orinoco, the Scattered Islands, Kimberley, Papua New Guinea, and soon even to the top of the world, the geographic North Pole.

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