Simple, secure and agile – ensure your network delivers the performance you need for cloud applications and data-intensive new technologies

Network performance and agility are critical to the success of digital transformation initiatives and the effectiveness of the hybrid cloud platforms that underpin them.

As data volumes continue to explode and applications become more distributed and data-intensive, network technologies need to become equally agile to keep pace.

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) ensures your network connectivity is not a weak link in your cloud adoption and transformation initiatives and instead becomes a foundation for your digital success.

Aptum’s Software-Defined WAN provides organizations with multiple locations the simplicity, security and agility they need to run a more flexible and dynamic network.

An intuitive portal gives you full control over your WAN allowing you to define network rules, prioritize traffic from critical applications and bring new locations online. All within minutes and without the need for any on-site technicians.
Keep your critical data safe in transit: create a fast, secure and reliable enterprise-grade connections with two-factor authentication and encryption built in as standard.
Connect all your locations with ease and create a more flexible WAN that aligns your network with your business goals. Add new locations quickly and easily and use the portal to control and increase the network performance during peak productivity times.
Unlock cloud potential
Maximize application performance by providing your branch office locations with direct, secure access to your SaaS or cloud-based applications while additionally reducing delays and easing network congestion.

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