Don't get stuck in a cloud adapt your solution as business needs evolve

At Aptum, we believe in Investment Portability.

You'll tackle many challenges while transforming and modernizing your data infrastructure. Lock-in and paying to run parallel solutions while you migrate shouldn't be one of them.

Our simple, transparent and flexible approach allows you to shift your cloud investment between services and without penalty as your needs change*. One of Aptum’s core principles is that we help our customers put the right workloads in the right place for the right reason - and that includes making sure your transition between services is as cost effective as possible.

The financial benefits of the cloud are by no means guaranteed. By partnering with an MSP like Aptum, you can help mitigate unnecessary spending, and ensure you're never surprised by your bill.

* conditions apply

“Without proper planning and expertise, organizations can spend more money than they expected, or not get the performance they need. For example, our Cloud Impact Study, which surveyed 400 senior IT professionals in the U.S., U.K. and Canada found 57% of respondents had encountered unexpected costs in the cloud. And of those wanting to accelerate their cloud deployments, 69% said they need help.

Working with an MSP like Aptum can lower costs, deliver faster deployments and improve scalability and availability. Our solution set and expertise allows us to be adaptable and deliver the technology our customers need as they evolve.”
Marvin Sharp
Vice President of Product & Strategy, Aptum

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