Why Aptum? Our Philosophy.

Don't get stuck in a rut adapt your thinking as needs evolve

At Aptum, we are confident in the value a Managed Service Provider can bring to your business.

There's often an attempt to hold all required digital skillsets in-house. In practice, this can quickly become overwhelming to maintain and expensive to manage through hiring and ongoing training costs. Add to that complexity the constant evolution of the technical landscape which can leave the knowledge on the team out of date. The need for a trusted partner becomes more and more evident.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the value a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Aptum brings to businesses. Separating fact from fiction is the first step in making an informed decision with your most precious business asset - your data.


"Quality is lower when you bring in an outside consultant. We're better off trying to figure this out in-house..."

Outside consultants might get the work done faster, but it comes at a cost in performance and operational quality.
  • When partnering with an MSP like Aptum, you gain access to a specialized team of cloud and infrastructure professionals who are certified and up-to-date in their areas of expertise. Expecting a centralized IT team to navigate an increasingly complex technological landscape will come at a cost - both to their productivity on other projects and in the operational quality of your infrastructure solution. Our expert team creates solutions that scale - you won't sacrifice long-term quality and planning for short term gains and efficiencies.

"If we're hacked, what's an MSP got to lose? It's our data that's at stake…."

It's unwise to trust a third-party to go above and beyond to protect your data.
  • One of the top factors that companies cite in their decision to hire an MSP is security. Our team includes certified experts in security and compliance, ensuring that your data is always protected by industry best practices.

"We can handle it all ourselves..."

Our team is able to manage all of the ongoing maintenance, keep track of all the latest functionality, as well as all the internal transformation projects ourselves.
  • Hiring an MSP to proactively manage your environment can free you up to concentrate on the priorities that will drive your business forward.

"It's a waste of money to hire an MSP when we already have an IT team on salary..."

It's expensive to hire an MSP when you already have IT on staff.
  • MSPs are more cost-effective than keeping infrastructure and cloud operations in house. A recent IDC survey found that the overall expected cost savings from managed cloud services in 2021 is 40%, up from 37% in 2019.

"I'm afraid that we'll lose control of our operations if we work with an MSP…"

If you demonstrate efficiencies by outsourcing, you could find your whole IT team ends up outsourced.
  • Like any relationship, a strong MSP partnership is based on clear boundaries and respect. Well defined responsibilities and service agreements let you set the level of control you'd like to keep. Aptum acts as a support for your team, filling gaps that your in-house staff doesn't have the time, the desire, or experience to deal with effectively.

Benefits of Aptum as your Managed Service Provider

One thing we've learned in our 20+ years is that every company's version of data and infrastructure is unique.

One of Aptum’s core principles is that we help our customers put the right workloads in the right place for the right reason - and that includes making sure your transition between services is as cost effective as possible.

The financial benefits of the cloud are by no means guaranteed. By partnering with an MSP like Aptum, you can help mitigate unnecessary spending, and ensure you're never surprised by your bill.

  • Ability to leverage the best technology for each use-case, with Aptum providing an un-biased solution recommendation.
  • Leverage Aptum’s buying power across all infrastructure, with the ability to move spend between platforms.
  • Aptum’s Professional Services offering can assist with projects to test and deploy new technologies such as Kubernetes and Development clusters.
  • Our technical teams remain current and fully certified, with more than 150 certifications across cloud, network and infrastructure technologies. Customers can be confident that they're getting honest advice on costs/benefits.
  • We Build Solutions

    Our consultative approach brings your cloud and infrastructure goals to reality faster and with no hidden barriers. In just 10 days, Aptum's Professional Services team can turn ​large volumes of data and complexity into a straightforward, actionable roadmap for your business.

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