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Cloud Transformation: Expectations Versus Reality


 September 28, 2020

Aptum Cloud Impact Study Part 1: Bridging the Cloud Transformation Gap

As part of our commitment to helping support our customers through their cloud transformation journeys, we have commissioned research to unearth the problems senior IT decision makers are facing with their cloud deployments. The first eBook in Aptum’s four-part Cloud Impact Study* – Bridging The Cloud Transformation Gap  – focuses on the business drivers and obstacles in the planning and migration stages of cloud adoption.

Expectations versus reality

Our study reveals there is a gap between the anticipated benefits of cloud computing and the reality of what businesses are seeing. While nearly three in four respondents (72 percent) cite increasing efficiency as a driver behind cloud adoption, only one in three (33 percent) report complete success upon implementation. A further 56 percent of respondents cite increasing business agility as one of the main drivers behind cloud adoption, but again, only 33 percent of respondents report complete success at increasing business agility in the cloud.

As we teeter on the edge of global recession, businesses will be looking to optimize their cloud investment and capitalize on the benefits that originally drew them toward cloud computing.

So, what is standing in the way of success?

The complexity of cloud computing and a lack of specialist expertise are two of the main barriers preventing business success. Security and data privacy concerns are cited by 38 percent of businesses as the number one barrier to cloud transformation. This is followed by the modernization of legacy applications (35 percent).

Complicated architectures like security and applications are difficult to migrate from on-premises to cloud models. Refactoring legacy architectures to work natively in the cloud is an extensive undertaking, especially as 66 percent of all respondents admit their use of cloud computing is still at a basic or intermediate level, with many failing to move beyond simple software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

With COVID-19 confirming the importance of cloud for business continuity and agility, organizations are now starting to feel pressure to accelerate cloud transformation and realize those business drivers. In fact, 69 percent of organizations want to accelerate cloud deployments. But, many recognize the need for help in this endeavor, as 26 percent of respondents view lack of skills to be a barrier to cloud transformation.

Choosing the Right Technology Partner

Choosing the right technology partner to assist with cloud transformations is crucial. Having an experienced partner in place will accelerate cloud deployments and optimize spend. At Aptum, we understand that no two cloud journeys are the same, which is why we help businesses build a cloud roadmap that is tailored to their individual business needs.

To download the eBook please click here. Visit our Managed Cloud Services page to learn how Aptum can help you navigate your cloud journey and optimize your cloud investments.

*Aptum commissioned research company Vanson Bourne to survey 400 executives in the US, Canada and UK. They spanned business unit heads (58 percent), business leaders (22 percent), and departmental managers (21 percent). across industries including IT, financial services, professional services, manufacturing, retail, and the public sector. Business sizes ranged from 500 employees upwards. 

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