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We help you unlock value and gain clarity of your cloud and infrastructure solutions to accelerate transformation, performance, and growth.

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Our Story

Technology for the Times

For over 20 years, Aptum has helped businesses innovate in the moment.

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Why Aptum?

It’s a fast-moving world—and to stay competitive, there’s constant pressure to keep up.

But reacting to fickle tech trends can encourage a fragmented approach to innovation, when what companies really need to thrive is cohesive infrastructure aligned to their business needs.

Our decades of experience have taught us that it’s okay to pause, breathe, and settle into the present. We help customers stay connected to the here and now—so instead of feeling overwhelmed by the future, they’re prepared to meet it.

The numbers tell our story.











The data does the talking.

Your data today will tell you what you need for tomorrow—and we’ll be here to help you get there. We unlock the potential of your data through custom-built infrastructures that meet your IT requirements and prioritize your business goals.

The expertise delivers the work.

Our expert technical teams remain current and fully certified, with more than 150 certifications across cloud, network, and infrastructure technologies.

Our principles make us who we are

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People first, partners always

You’re the reason we’re here. We build transformative technological solutions customized to your needs—and that help you thrive.

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Where theory meets practice

Our pragmatic approach is grounded in deep expertise and knowledge. We can act strategically on your behalf because, put simply, we know what we’re doing.

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Rooted in today, with eyes toward tomorrow

Understanding the present is as important as envisioning the future. We balance the realities of today with ambitious goals for tomorrow.

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Future based on fundamentals

We face the future with our feet firmly grounded. We rally around real people to solve real problems—putting the tools of the future in your hands now.

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Stewards of community

We connect more than data; we connect people. To drive positive impact that endures, we actively engage with and support the communities we serve.

The history keeps us grounded.

We weren’t always called Aptum. But we’ve always believed in the important role that foundational strength and critical basics play in powering the cutting edge. So we stand at the intersection of innovation and reliability, offering you tools for today, so we can tackle tomorrow together, one solution at a time.


Peer 1 Network founded as an ISP and Network provider


CloudOps is founded to meet infrastructure needs of software-focused organizations


Cogeco Data Services is established as a data center expert


Peer 1 and CDS make several acquisitions to solidify their position as hosting and networking experts; CDS expands into Cloud and Managed Services


Cogeco Data Services and Peer 1 merged to form Cogeco Peer 1


Cogeco Peer 1 rebrands as Aptum and solidifies expertise in Managed and Consulting service across cloud and infrastructure


Aptum acquires CloudOps to strengthen our platform engineering capabilities and operational excellence in cloud

Our Credentials

Awards & certifications

We’re committed to bringing the highest standards of service to the table. So we remain current and fully certified at all times; our over 150 certifications are testament to that.

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