Why Aptum? Our Story.


Bringing true hybrid infrastructure solutions to our customers for over twenty years.

Our 20+ years of experience working with companies across all industries, in and out of the cloud, and everywhere in between, makes us pretty unique.

We are proud of our journey as a multi-regional provider of hybrid cloud, network and infrastructure solutions that drive modernization that works for your business. Aptum means adaptability and for more than two decades, we’ve done just that through company mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and rebrands.

Through it all, Aptum has been here helping customers adapt to an ever-evolving environment to meet their critical IT solution requirements and unlock the potential of their data.

Why Aptum?

From IT leaders lacking resource skills, cost overruns and unpredictability to businesses lagging in their modernization objectives, Aptum meets our customers where they are. One thing we've learned in our 20+ years is that every company's version of data and infrastructure is unique. Our certified cloud, infrastructure and network professionals meet businesses where they are and help take them where they need to go. Our history as a company is rich and varied - from our early days as PEER 1 and CDS to the present - we've seen massive technological advancements and digital disruptions bring forth remarkable opportunities for businesses.

Ready to go on a journey together?

  • Built on 20+ years of managing, optimizing, and securing data infrastructure across over 10,000+ servers and 14,000+ devices for more than 25,000 customers in over 60 countries, Aptum’s technical teams have deep expertise across Azure, AWS, VMware/Private Cloud, and bare-metal solutions.
  • Our technical teams remain current and fully certified, with more than 150 certifications across cloud, network and infrastructure technologies. Customers can be confident that they're getting honest advice on costs/benefits.
  • Customers benefit from expert, impartial guidance and a holistic viewpoint that together provide a complete TCO picture, enabling customers to make informed choices, accelerate transformation initiatives and optimize their investment decisions from the get-go.
  • Unparalleled service and support. You can rely on our team of experts who employ around-the-clock monitoring to ensure the performance and security of your data infrastructure.

We Build Solutions

Our consultative approach brings your cloud and infrastructure goals to reality faster and with no hidden barriers. Aptum's Professional Services team can turn ​large volumes of data and complexity into a straightforward, actionable roadmap for your business.

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