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How to make the most efficient use of your cloud assets

Jeremy Pease

 March 23, 2020

Organizations are continuing to shift more of their workloads to the cloud as they digitally transform their operations to accelerate innovation, grow their markets and lower their IT costs. But moving to the cloud isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. Businesses need to figure out which cloud platforms are ideally suited to their different applications and data. Once they migrate, they must also ensure the infrastructure they choose is meeting their business requirements at a reasonable cost.

Getting visibility into the cost and performance of cloud solutions, however, is difficult. That’s why we are excited to introduce Aptum’s Hybrid Cloud Manager, a platform that allows customers to assess, monitor, optimize, provision and govern private and hyperscale public cloud environments.

Powered by CloudSphere, Aptum Hybrid Cloud Manager, gives organizations a single dashboard that paints a complete picture of their Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service environments. Hybrid Cloud Manager displays information in a format that’s simple for both IT and business decision makers to understand and includes controls that allow customers to optimize their cloud environments in real time.

Aptum Hybrid Cloud Manager relies on an extensive set of Application Program Interfaces to pull information from multiple clouds and display it in a way that allows organizations to easily understand and measure the performance of every cloud asset, wherever it happens to reside. We believe it addresses some of the biggest challenges businesses face in moving to the cloud, including workload migration, cost and performance optimization, compliance and DevOps automation.

For example, a customer might be having issues with cloud costs that are higher than expected. Aptum Hybrid Cloud Manager can track the customer’s cloud assets and make sure they’re being used efficiently. The platform can create a real-time view of ongoing costs and issue alerts if budget thresholds are exceeded. It can also identify under-utilized resources that could be deployed more effectively to help optimize existing infrastructure. Or a customer might need help making sure their compliance regulations are enforced in the cloud.

Aptum Hybrid Cloud Manager can enforce rules across multiple cloud environments. Case in point, an organization could decide to run certain applications only during business hours from Monday to Friday by creating a rule in the platform that shuts those applications down on weekends.

Other areas where Aptum Hybrid Cloud Manager can benefit customers include cloud migrations assessments, cloud planning and application insights, cloud security and governance and cloud configuration.

Today, data is core to organizational planning, creating new business insights and driving efficiencies and strategies. Aptum Hybrid Cloud Manager allows businesses to optimize their infrastructure so they can make the best use of their data assets.

Follow the link, if you’d like to learn more about Aptum Hybrid Cloud Manager and how it can help you in your cloud journey.

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