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Our business has faced changes, but our focus remains on the success of our customers

Leigh Plumley

 April 26, 2021

We have had to adapt over the past two years. We have undergone a company rebrand and a strategic business shift, while navigating the unique circumstances of the pandemic. Through it all, we’ve maintained our focus on helping our customers solve their technology challenges and achieve successful business outcomes.

Our commitment to helping customers build IT infrastructures that meet their specific business needs has never wavered despite the recent changes and challenges we’ve faced.

To assist our customers in today’s unpredictable business climate, we’ve started offering an Investment Portability option that can allow them to shift their investment between services without penalty.* The real benefit is that customers can seamlessly and easily adapt their Aptum solutions as their business needs evolve, or new opportunities arise. For customers where any slight risk of downtime is not an option, we also provide an enhanced 100% SLA on any Aptum solution certified as High Availability (HA) by our Solution Architecture Team to provide robust reassurance.

Despite challenging circumstances, we’ve worked hard to be a stable presence for our customers and are humbled by the increase in customer satisfaction (based on our recent Net Promoter Score). Our brand may be new, but our company has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations by providing total solutions and tailored options to meet their toughest technology and business challenges. Our customers work with consistent account management teams that know their business and match them with insights and technologies that provide benefits like greater efficiency, a more resilient network and more.

I recently shared some of my thoughts on customer experience with B2B News Network. You can read the full post here.

*Terms Apply

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