Aptum Cloud Impact Study: Part 3


A strategic plan is key to taking control of the cloud

Aptum's cloud impact study report

Cloud computing is essential to businesses' financial security, but planning is necessary to control expenditures.

400 senior IT professionals in the US, Canada and UK agree that cloud computing has given more control over IT expenditure, with more than half (63%) of respondents saying cloud transformation positively impacts IT spending, and the majority (86%) saying cloud technology is essential to their company's financial security.

However, 65% of surveyed IT decision-makers reveal they have “wasted significant IT spend due to cloud inefficiencies” and only 20% of respondents have a holistic strategy in place when it comes to their transformation.

Read Part 3 of the Aptum Cloud Impact Study to learn about the common causes of unforeseen cloud costs and details on how businesses can overcome these hurdles to succeed and drive business growth.

The Study provides detailed insight into the true cost of cloud, and calls for businesses to optimize their cloud environment and make the most of their cloud budgets.

Take 10 minutes to read this informative eBook and find out what this means for your business.

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The Aptum Cloud Impact Study canvassed the opinions and approach to cloud technology of 400 senior IT professionals. Respondents were from organizations with 250+ employees in the U.S., Canada and UK. Industries included financial services, technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, public education and the commercial sector. The Study provides valuable insights for organizations in the planning stages, or those well down the road on a cloud transformation. View All Parts of the Report