Aptum Cloud Impact Study: Part 2


Aptum's cloud impact study report

Discover the hidden costs of cloud computing: This new study reveals a 28% increase in higher-than-expected IT costs compared to previous years, despite the benefits of cloud adoption.

Are your cloud costs spiraling out of control? Find out what's the missing link in your cloud cost management strategy.

The Aptum Cloud Impact Study 2023 Part 2 is a comprehensive analysis that uncovers the financial challenges organizations face in cloud adoption. Despite the cloud's promise of flexibility and cost-efficiency, 73% of IT professionals report higher-than-expected costs, a significant increase from previous years. The report identifies key factors such as poor planning, lack of internal expertise, and accelerated cloud adoption as the culprits. It also emphasizes the role of FinOps in providing visibility, optimizing resource usage, and fostering a culture of cost accountability.

Don't let lack of visibility and governance cloud your financial judgment. Equip yourself with the insights to manage and optimize your cloud spending effectively. Download Aptum's Cloud Impact Study 2023 Part 2 today and take control of your cloud financials.

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The Aptum Cloud Impact Study canvassed the opinions and approach to cloud technology of 400 senior IT professionals. Respondents were from organizations with 250+ employees in the U.S., Canada and UK. The Study provides valuable insights for organizations looking to understand the challenges and opportunities of cloud computing and how to optimize their cloud architectures for cost-effectiveness and performance. View All Parts of the Report

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