Aptum Cloud Impact Study: eBook 2

Business Continuity Planning in the Cloud

Unexpected, unpredictable, unprecedented. Whatever the disaster, most businesses are not adequately prepared. But they can be.

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The Aptum Cloud Impact Study surveyed and reports on the experiences and opinions of 400 senior IT professionals in the US, Canada and UK. It crosses the financial services, IT, technology, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, public and commercial sectors. The Study provides valuable insights for organizations in the planning stages, or those well down the road on a cloud transformation.
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eBook 1: IT Resilience and Data Protection in the Cloud
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Infographic: Cracking the Code on IT Resilience
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eBook 2: Business Continuity Planning in the Cloud
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Infographic 2: Business Continuity Planning in the Cloud
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Gain important insights to prepare for any IT-related business disruption, whether unexpected, unpredictable or even unprecedented.

Organizations face the possibility – even the likelihood -- of business disruptions as significant as natural disasters, ransomware, phishing attacks, and pandemics. Any of them can result in lost revenue, lost reputation, lost customers or worse.

Business continuity planning helps you anticipate anything that could disrupt your business operations. This new eBook -- Business Continuity Planning in the Cloud – provides a guide to help you create a Business Continuity Plan for your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • How a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) makes organizations more resilient
  • The important first steps to assess and analyse your needs
  • How the cloud contributes to effective business continuity
  • Best practices for business continuity planning in the cloud
  • The technology building blocks of a Business Continuity Plan

Take a few minutes to read this informative eBook.

You’ll come away with a real understanding of the importance of Business Continuity Planning, and what you need to know to create a practical plan for your organization.


Business Continuity Planning in the Cloud

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