Aptum Cloud Impact Study: Part 2


Security is a key driver of your cloud adoption.

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Aptum’s Cloud Impact Study was created from the opinions of 400 senior IT professionals in the US, Canada and UK. It crosses the financial services, IT, technology, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, public and commercial sectors.
Part 1: Bridging the Cloud Transformation Gap
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Part 2: The Security and Compliance Barricade
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eBook 1: IT Resilience and Data Protection in the Cloud
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Infographic: Cracking the Code on IT Resilience
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eBook 2: Business Continuity Planning in the Cloud
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Infographic 2: Business Continuity Planning in the Cloud
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Future parts of the report will focus on Security and Compliance, Costs and Budgets, and Modernization.

At the same time… Security is a barrier to cloud transformation.

400 senior IT professionals in the US, UK and Canada certainly think so, according to Aptum’s Cloud Impact Study.

Read Part 2 of the Study -- The Security and Compliance Barricade – to learn much more about this apparent contradiction, and strategic approaches to the challenges of security and data protection as you undergo cloud transformation.

Read the Report for new insights that will help you leap over the Security and Compliance Barricade.

Learn why security issues like visibility, control and governance may be holding back your cloud transformation. Plus, gain new insights into solutions to overcome the challenges.

The Aptum Cloud Impact Study provides valuable insights for organizations in the planning stages, or those already well down the road on a cloud transformation. The information it reveals will help make decisions to help maximize the value of your cloud transformation.

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