Aptum Cloud Impact Study: eBook 1

IT Resilience and Data Protection in the Cloud

A ‘Resilient’ IT Organization: Not Just Disaster Recovery Anymore

Aptum's IT resilience ebook

Gain important insights to implement IT resilience in the cloud, architect resilient solutions and protect your data — no matter where it resides

If you are modernizing your IT infrastructure and transferring workloads to cloud and hosted platforms, congratulations! That’s a smart move.

But relying on cloud providers is not enough to guarantee that your organization is secure and resilient. Download your copy of this new eBook to gain great insights like these:

  • Why a disaster recovery plan and backups do not make you resilient
  • The building blocks of IT resilience
  • How to leverage the cloud to build true IT resilience
  • Best practices for architecting a resilient solution

Take 10 minutes to read this informative eBook and find out what this means for your business.


Cracking the Code on IT Resilience

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The Aptum Cloud Impact Study surveyed and reports on the experiences and opinions of 400 senior IT professionals in the US, Canada and UK. It crosses the financial services, IT, technology, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, public and commercial sectors. The Study provides valuable insights for organizations in the planning stages, or those well down the road on a cloud transformation. View All Parts of the Report

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