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Workshop: Kubernetes for Users - Multi-Cloud

Discover how to enhance your organization's delivery model with our Kubernetes workshops, providing hands-on experience in virtualization, containers, and microservices, along with practical insights into Kubernetes features and real-world applications.

Your Learning Journey With Us

A live and interactive, multi-day workshop with expert instructors and lab assistants

Live demos and Q&As baked into the format

Chat with instructors and bounce ideas around with fellow students in real time

Bang up to date content, unlike pre-recorded courses

Workshops run on actual product Grade Infra, working with tools like Grafana, ArgoCd, Rancher and other ecosystems tools that are weaved throughout the 3-days

Covers CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer) exam topics and so much more, including monitoring workloads, efficiency navigating resources, best practices, practical and theoretical skills

Focus on building and operating Kubernetes-native applications

Our instructors and lab assistants are on hand to support when users return to the real world

Course Outline

Day 1

Review of key concepts: container lifecycles and orchestration of container deployments

Intro to Kubernetes and its features

Self-Managed vs. Managed K8s overview

K8s Architecture Overview

Labels, Selectors, Annotations

Packaging container applications (Deployments, Daemonsets, Statefulsets)

Standard Networking and Services

Day 2

Data Persistence with K8s

Volumes, Dynamic PVs, PVCs

Application Deployment strategies

Native Observability and ecosystem options

Setting Application Limits and quotas


Taints, Tolerations, Node and Pod Affinities

Day 3

Working in a CloudNative Team and ecosystem tools

Fighting unbound usage and costs

Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategies

General Security Spotlight, attack vectors exploration

RBAC Authorization

General Best practices

Synthesis of all concepts with Final Lab

Open Office Hours, and Ad-Hoc discussion as needed