The Importance of Data Center Power and Cooling Capabilities


Fournir l’électricité et le refroidissement nécessaires pour votre matériel informatique

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janvier 25, 2017


Electricity costs are the most important costs associated with operating a data center facility. Electricity is also the main cause of downtime of the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. That is why this is an extremely important issue for organizations looking for potential co-location partners.

As an IT asset increases, so does the amount of electricity it consumes. This is a reality that further strengthens the attractiveness of a partnership with a colocation provider.

But while many roommates provide space for the infrastructure and are equipped with rigorous security measures, their electrical and cooling capacities are not always satisfactory.

Full cooling and power redundancy

Modern IT equipment must be maintained at a constant temperature. The humidity levels of the data center must also remain optimal. Meeting these two requirements internally can be challenging: to say the least.

To this end, and for many years, various renowned colocation providers have been building tailor-made installations; So they understand exactly the electricity and cooling requirements.

The industrial heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems they use represent significant investments. And many organizations realize that they simply can not implement solutions internally.

Moreover, the higher and more robust ratios of electricity per square meter provided in colocations must be accompanied by safeguards provided by appropriate redundancies in order to prevent downtime in the event of a power cooling.

A power supply that can not be interrupted is used first to provide emergency power in the event of a breakdown. This allows the critical infrastructure to stay on-line while the colocation provider’s diesel-powered generators are starting up.

Such an approach gives organizations total redundancy and a guarantee of 100% electricity availability.

Electricity costs depending on usage

In the near future, major colocation providers will be able to help their customers control their costs by billing them only for their actual electricity consumption. At present, a very small number of suppliers can provide this service.

By allowing an organization to know its true cost of electricity, the organization can strive to better control it in the future. A society that ignores its electricity consumption can not really limit it.

As more and more companies become aware of their use of electricity, purchases of energy-efficient equipment could increase and industry carbon footprints decrease: this potential reality will encourage many suppliers to adopt as a standard Billing of colocation electricity according to consumption.


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