9 Steps to Controlling Cost in the Cloud

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You’ve migrated to cloud to scale your services, increase efficiencies and unlock greater business profitability. But maybe you’re not seeing the return on investment you expected. Or maybe your costs are spiralling out of control, and you’re lacking visibility into where those costs are coming from.

It is a common belief that the cloud is more cost-efficient than a traditional infrastructure solution, since it’s an operating cost rather than a capital expenditure. Sometimes, though, a cloud solution can end up being more expensive than anticipated for several reasons, from poor governance to misaligned system architectures and more.

If you’re struggling to control and optimize cloud costs, or failing to attain the ROI you expect, this eBook is a must-read. We dispel many of the myths around costs in the cloud, while providing 9 practical steps to control and predict costs, and optimize your cloud architecture — from simple, low-cost actions to more complex, tactical solutions.

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