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The online jeweller has passed the “small screen” test thanks to a resilient e-commerce platform neatly tailored for efficient operation, developed by Aptum Magento hosting specialists.

A model success in online jewellery, Gemmyo was the product of a true love story coupled with disillusionment. In June 2011, prior to their marriage, Pauline and Charif, the two founders, visited jewellers to buy an engagement ring together. But the two lovers were disappointed by a corporate world they considered intimidating and cold. Besides, jewellery—too classical for their taste—were offered in limited choices and at inflated prices.

From this regrettable experience came an idea that was rather crazy: rather than a jewelry store on the web, why not create an online jewellery house that is attentive to its customers, that brings together expertise and advice, that creates unique jewellery, and transforms purchases into truly memorable experiences? In August 2011, Gemmyo was finally born and began to promote its brand: its mascot—a pink kitten wearing a ring on its ear—was displayed from 2014 in the Paris Métro.

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