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Accelerate cloud adoption and achieve business outcomes with proven guidance and best practices.

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Most organizations lack a clear rationale and selection process for determining which applications are good candidates for cloud migration.

Aptum’s Cloud Adoption Framework uses a set of industry best practices, guidance and tools to accelerate successful cloud adoption and management.

Your cloud journey will always depend on your organization’s ability to navigate the ever-changing and increasingly complex digital environment. Without a framework methodology, the momentum of innovation, operational efficiency, and transformation delivered by the cloud can be seriously hindered.

Aptum’s Cloud Adoption Framework is part of an overall cloud adoption lifecycle. Aptum will guide you through a customized cloud adoption plan by understanding your motivations, identifying desired outcomes, and defining business justifications.

Proven guidance to accelerate the cloud adoption journey

Through 2024, 80% of companies that are unaware of the mistakes made in their cloud adoption will overspend by 20% - 50%

Aptum’s Cloud Adoption Framework is a full lifecycle framework you can adopt at any stage in your cloud journey. We will help you accelerate your roadmap by providing a methodology with specific approaches.

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Cloud strategy and planning workshops

that consider all important aspects of the journey
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Three tiers of managed services

to meet your skilling and operational requirements
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Cloud assessments and cloud readiness workshops

to collect insights needed to architect landing zones, migration waves and cloud innovation sprints
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Cost and security assessments and cloud health checks

to continuously secure and cost optimize cloud environments

Benefits of Aptum's Cloud Adoption Framework

  • Tried And True Best Practices. Migrate to the cloud more efficiently and reliably by following Aptum's Cloud Adoption Framework best practices, essential steps, and cloud adoption processes.
  • Accelerate Adoption. Get access to the right information and services to achieve your cloud migration goals on time.
  • Stay Ahead Of The Competition. Facilitate new product and service developments, expand your customer base and enter new market segments.
  • Minimize Business Risk. Improve and evolve your cloud security program with risk insights, business alignment, and security disciplines.
  • Optimize Costs. Tailor cloud solutions to your unique business needs, reducing operational costs while increasing productivity.
  • Maximize Cloud ROI. Avoid ever-increasing and unpredictable costs with a clearly defined cloud adoption strategy.

CAF Lifecycle

Aptum will guide you on a cloud journey that begins with Discovery, followed by Advisory, Adoption, and Delivery capabilities that are designed to drive continuous improvements and optimization to your cloud environments.



Aptum's cloud adoption framework - advisory

Define Strategy

  • Define business justification and expected outcomes
  • Understand your business motivations and desired outcomes, and identify financial and technical considerations


  • Align actionable cloud adoption plan to business outcomes
  • Guide to ensure technical efforts are aligned to your business strategy to convert your aspirational goals into an actionable plan
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